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 Welcome to the digital playground of a passionate independent software developer and programmer!

 Here, innovation meets functionality as lines of code weave together to create digital solutions that transcend the ordinary.

 With a commitment to excellence and a love for crafting elegant solutions, this developer's website serves as a portal into a world where creativity and technology converge. Explore a portfolio brimming with diverse projects, robust web applications and desktop applications. Showcasing a dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the digital realm. Whether you're seeking custom software solutions or simply intrigued by the artistry of programming, this website invites you to embark on a journey of discovery and innovation.

Overloaded Lorry Food Delivery

Happy Land Logistics & Operations is a live example of a fully customized solution provided to a large food-supplies company which works round the clock serving an array of hotels, restaurants, cafes, kitchens and event caterers.

 This cloud-based solution has been powering and supporting their trucks' fleet and their order-tracking efforts and has reduced 70% of their team's workload.

expiring documents

Introducing DocExpiry.com, your go-to solution for staying ahead of document expiration.

 Our user-friendly website is designed to effortlessly manage your important documents, sending timely reminders before they reach their expiration dates.

  Whether it's licenses, certifications, contracts, agreements, tasks or even anniversaries DocExpiry.com ensures you never miss a renewal deadline again. This comes especially helpful when deadlines mean penalties and losses. Simply input your document details, set your preferred reminder frequency, and let us handle the rest. With customizable notifications and a simple interface, staying organized has never been easier. Say goodbye to missed deadlines and hello to peace of mind with DocExpiry.com.

Site Activity Logger

Site Activity Logger is a simple and yet intuitive website tailored for logging construction progress and material consumption at your fingertips. With robust features, from daily progress reports to detailed inventory tracking, our platform optimizes project oversight and resource management effortlessly.

 Join today to streamline your construction operations with precision and clarity.

Company Staff

Leave Settlement and Gratuity Calculation is another customized solution being currently used by several clients. This program maintains a record of your whole list of staff, logs each's hiring date, rejoining date and calculates an employee's Leave Settlement.

This keeps your records straight, efficient and gives you calculations and results lightning-fast.

 The program also determines whether an employee is eligible for a leave or not.  Currently managing a list of more than 1500 employees.

MoKaWare Screenshot

 Introducing MokaWare the ultimate desktop application designed specifically for trading companies and factories. This all-in-one solution revolutionizes operations by seamlessly managing every aspect of your business.

With MoKaWare, you can effortlessly create and print invoices, ensuring smooth transactions with clients and suppliers. Track deliveries in real-time, streamline stock management for your stores, and generate comprehensive reports to gain valuable insights into your business performance.

 Its user-friendly interface and customizable features make it adaptable to the unique needs of your enterprise. Say goodbye to tedious manual processes and hello to increased efficiency and productivity with MoKaWare.

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